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Types of Hearing Aids

Learn more about the different types of hearing aids.

Types of Hearing Aids

What kind of hearing aid is best for me?

Most people with hearing loss can benefit from hearing aids. Just as there are different types and degrees of hearing loss, there are different types of instruments. And they offer a wide range of functions and features to address various needs.

Below is a brief summary of the most popular types and styles of hearing aids ENT offers:

Completely-In-the-Canal Hearing Aids (CIC)

CICs are so small as to be virtually invisible in the ear. They can only be worn by people whose ear canals are large enough to accommodate them. And the very small battery requires good manual dexterity. CICs are not suitable for severe hearing losses.

In-the-Canal Hearing Aids (ITC)

A little larger than the CIC, ITC instruments also fit far into the ear canal. They use a slightly larger battery than the CIC style. This style is ideal for mild to moderate hearing losses.

In-the-Ear Hearing Aids (ITE)

These instruments can be used for a wider range of hearing losses. Due to their larger size, ITEs can accommodate larger sound amplifiers and more features such as a telephone switch. Their size also makes them easier to handle.

Behind-the-Ear Hearing Aids (BTE)

BTEs are generally more powerful than smaller devices due to the stronger amplifier and larger battery. They are also very robust – allowing for the widest range of features and fittings. And they come in a wide range of hair, skin-tone and fun colours. In BTE instruments the electronics sit behind the ear and the sound is directed through a tube into the ear canal.

Receiver-In-The-Ear Hearing Aids (RITE)

In RITE instruments the receiver (speaker) sits comfortably inside the ear canal rather than in the case behind the ear. This receiver is built into a soft and open dome or into a micro mold. RITE technology ensures better sound quality and a high level of comfort while maintaing a low cosmetic profile.